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Matanzas, Matanzas


This experience is meant to introduce the guests to the african roots of the cuban culture. On this purpose we will move from Habana to Matanzas which was one of the pricipal cities in Cuba where more slaves were brought from Africa and which is now the main place where african legacy is alive. At San Severino Museum, a fortress made by the same slaves during the colonial age, we will learn basic points about the life of slaves in Matanzas. Then we will visit the Triunvirato Museum, which was an ancient sugar mill, where we can learn more about slaves life in the fields. Afterwards we will go to the Babalawo (the afro cuban religion priest) who will open up his house's doors for us. There we will enter in the live core of the afro-cuban religion by knowing personally the people who practice it, listening to their music, stories and wathch their dances. This is a unique experience that guests won't have the chance to do otherwise!


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